Re-rooting Birkenhead

Georgina Wileman Justin Lean Huang Tan Joe Kelly

The project responds to Birkenhead’s existing urban context characterised by the imbalance of living and working environments, creating a disconnected city. It aims to reconnect the town’s communities by providing a circular route that links various programs with existing site infrastructure. Considering the rich local history offering some of Britain’s oldest parks and buildings, as well as the growth of the industrial sector, the strategy focuses on connecting Birkenhead back to the Wirral through its food network. By adapting brownfield land in order to provide allotment space for the residents, the project intends to create a platform for sharing knowledge and skills in relation to food production and create a micro-food economy, generating an urban identity for the city as a “producer”. The reinforcement of the economic activity provides further potential for Birkenhead’s residential development, focusing mainly on the water front area and the adaptation of existing road infrastructure in order to provide more pedestrian and cyclist friendly routes.

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