Birkenhead Arts Collective

Matt Kerrod, Andrew Jarman

By 2020 this country will have been subjected to a decade of economic ‘austerity’ by government. It is envisioned that during this period Birkenhead will remain on its current trajectory and continue to decline socially, economically and physically. Meanwhile across the River Mersey, Liverpool will remain stable and perhaps grow such that property values will increase. This will result in some demographic groups, such as artists and younger graduates, being priced out the area and being forced to look beyond Liverpool city centre for accommodation and workspace. It is at this moment that the Birkenhead Arts Collective will be formed.
The project proposes that through collaborative means the Arts Collective would seeks to regenerate Birkenhead using a programme of arts and small scale urban interventions which involve the local community at all levels. Utilising the existing iconic and period architecture, the Collective would seek to reinvigorate the town, with initial careful assessment and repurposing of some of the high quality vacant building stock.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.36.50


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