Social Housing Masterplan

Dominica Chisca Roshan Hariram Chloe Purcell

The project is thought of as part of Hamburg’s action plan to create more housing outside of the city centre. Considering the refugee crisis, the project is developed primarily as a means to provide shelter and also educational facilities to assist refugees. Housing is developed as a social hub providing shared spaces that allow interaction and provide opportunities for economic growth. In response to the low density of the Rothensburgort area, the project applies the successful spatial organisation of Altona borough, located in the western part of Hamburg. The buildings are arranged into a series of large blocks, with internal courtyards, often occupied by smaller buildings, that can be used by the residents as space for workshops, playgrounds, sports facilities or gardens, depending on their personal needs of the moment. The meandering streets guide pedestrians from node to node, where these roads widen and intersect, spaces are created for shops to spill out and people to linger. The majority of the buildings are mixed use, having shops and cafes at ground level and residential and office space above.

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