Questionable Hamburg

Adam Brindley, John Finlayson, Chris Wells

The project proposition is that as a result of capitalism, cities are becoming increasingly globalised with an associated image of being boring, repetitive and dull. Architects and developers at the critical urban stage have failed to build the city of today or tomorrow due to the rules generated by data, data that is destined to become obsolete. As a result, testing and experimentation with urbanism has stagnated, a crucial necessity in a world that is evolving faster than ever before. The project seeks to explore a new type of urbanism, an urbanism based not on data, but on the physical experience of what a city is.
The project seeks to capture this true essence of a city through its exploration using the protaganists senses, emotions, feelings and memories, with the intention to generate a new way to ‘collage’ the areas explored. The testing ground for this new urban methodology is Hamburg, and in short, the objective is to use Hamburg as found to recreate Hamburg within Hamburg. By creating narratives and themes, the project can then craft ingredients of context that can then be abstracted to create a new context for the city. In doing so, the project creates new data and can experiment with new possibilities for the site in Hamburg in an original, playful way.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.35.45


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