Plexus City/the Cultural Platform

Lauren O’Donnell , Harrison Smith, Syed Danial Anwar Wan Muhammad

“Plexus” defines the network of “green space” from land to water, connecting the people of Hamburg back to the river Elbe. The project introduces a “green ribbon” stretching from Ballinstadt in the south to Hamburg’s museum mile in the city centre, connecting many segregated areas north and south of the river. It takes influence from New York’s High Line focusing upon recreation along the Elbe’s rich waterfront, ideas that coincide with Hamburg’s wider city master plan. The aim is to integrate a pedestrian link that makes use of the waterfront connecting nodes, to form a medium between ecological and urban realms.
The Olympic site and HafenCity are in close proximity and the project acts as a push and pull factor, comprising three sectors (South Bank, Culture Hub and Performance Platform) connected through a bridge, stretched with greenery and defined pedestrian and cycling routes with viewing areas and floating islands for boats to dock. The Performance Platform is a large floating plaza promoting the public realm for recreational use. It allows active flow in and around the bars, clubs, restaurants and the open-air theatre. The Culture Hub, perceived as an extension to the public realm, provides an information centre for tourists and a space for local community projects and chaired meetings. South Bank is an area of potential for investment and social activity with retail, food outlets, museums and large river frontages as points of interest with water sport activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rowing and wind surfing along the enclosed water edge. The promenade enables and rewards “leaping over the Elbe” and aims to promote the formation of a multi cultural district. Mixed use, affordable, units aim to promote growth, and allow the local community to inhabit their own city.

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