The Walkable Town

Annie Zahoor Katja Johnston Nick Kelly

The project aims to transform Birkenhead into a car-free town. Inspired by successful European examples which are slowly converting urban centres into walkable areas, it investigates the potential of revitalising the town by creating an expanded mobility network in the form of an express tram linking directly to the heart of Liverpool city centre. The Queensway Tunnel becomes a fast and reliable mode of dedicated public transport without cars or pollution. Accommodating bicycles, the tram compliments the development of a walkable, car free, town centre and supports cycle tourism across the whole of the Wirral.
Inspired by Edinburgh New Town, the project suggests typologies for the mews areas between the facades of each block, providing a core of small affordable units that will encourage start-up businesses. New public squares will support the cultural diversity of a range of grassroots activity. Within this defined zone of walkable town there will be courtyards of various sizes containing children’s playgrounds and places for private contemplation, amongst other uses.

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